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Chiropractor Near Me in Port Charlotte, FL

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Chiropractor Near Me Port Charlotte, FL

At RejuvenX in Port Charlotte, we provide a comprehensive range of pain reduction and management services for patients with a wide range of conditions and injuries. Chiropractic care can provide relief for patients with many different conditions that relate to misalignment of the spine. Alignment by an experienced chiropractor can provide improved mobility and pain relief without the need for surgery or medication.

How does chiropractic adjustment work?

Chiropractors have been trained in the gentle manipulation of the spine and joints in order to improve alignment and mobility naturally. Your body has an ideal alignment that, when compromised, can cause intense chronic pain in many areas of your body. Adjustment methods include the toggle drop, lumbar roll, table adjustments, release work, and instrumental adjustments. Chiropractors can also specialize in specific adjustment techniques that include a wide range of approaches that can be used in order to improve spinal alignment. The chiropractors at RejuvenX have extensive experience and knowledge that will allow them to provide you with the highest quality manual adjustments possible.

What conditions can a chiropractor help with?

Well-trained chiropractors can provide incredible relief for many different patients. Chiropractic adjustment and treatment relies on an accurate diagnosis of your injury or the source of your pain. At RejuvenX, we provide a wide range of diagnostic techniques including x-rays and functional evaluations that can provide your doctors with in-depth understanding of your body’s unique condition. Chiropractic care can offer patients with neck pain, migraines, subluxation, herniated discs, sports injuries, and injuries caused by car accidents a path forward toward healthier movement and a life free from pain. It is important to communicate openly with your chiropractor regarding your injuries and mobility, so they fully understand the extent of your condition and can tailor your adjustments accordingly.

What can I expect from my chiropractic adjustment?

Different chiropractic techniques can offer different results for a patient depending on their condition. Most patients will see a chiropractor for a musculoskeletal condition such as low back pain. Spinal manipulation can provide temporary relief of chronic back or neck pain, improve joint mobility, and improvement in muscle strength and movement. Many patients also report that chiropractic adjustment can offer a relaxation effect in addition to a reduction in their pain. At RejuvenX in Port Charlotte, we proudly offer chiropractic services delivered by experienced providers to help our patients overcome their chronic pain symptoms.

Is spinal manipulation safe?

Most patients can undergo chiropractic manipulation safely. However, patients with certain conditions should not undergo spinal manipulation. Some patients with spinal cord compression, inflammatory arthritis, or osteoporosis should not undergo chiropractic manipulation. At RejuvenX, the safety of our patients is of the utmost importance. We advocate for complete communication between patients and providers, so we can ensure only those who will truly benefit from chiropractic adjustments receive them. The doctors at RejuvenX provide exceptional care for our patients by offering a wide range of pain management and treatment services. Regardless of your condition, our experienced providers can find a treatment protocol that will help you.

If you are looking for an experienced chiropractor in the Port Charlotte area, contact RejuvenX today to schedule a consultation.


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