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Pain Management Center in Port Charlotte, FL

RejuvenX Helps Relief Pain in Port Charlotte, FL. We Offer X-Ray, Muscle Function Testing, Orthopedic Evaluation, Neurological Evaluation and Pharmacogenetics Testing. For More Information Please Call Us or Simply Request an Appointment Online.

Pain Management Center Near Me in Port Charlotte, FL

Chronic pain can have a broad, negative impact on your life. At RejuvenX in Port Charlotte, we understand the complexities of chronic pain and have the professional experience necessary to offer insight and perspective to our patients. We believe in creating customized treatment protocols that can exactly target and improve the sources of your pain and help you regain mobility and enjoy your life to a much fuller extent. If you have tried home remedies and over the counter pain medication to no avail, let our experienced and professional staff help you unlock a life free from pain.

What is the best treatment for chronic pain?


Are there techniques I can implement to support my treatment?

Many people with chronic pain find some relief from practicing pain control techniques at home. These methods include meditation and visualization techniques, slow and measured breathing, distraction from pain by engaging in activities that require focus, thereby making pain less obvious. Some patients also find that slow and gentle stretching can help with certain types of pain, and still others find silent counting can help them focus their attention and divert it away from their pain. Which, if any, of these techniques may work for you depends on you as an individual.

What treatments to you provide at RejuvenX?

Our doctors strive to offer a comprehensive range of treatment options, so they can find the right one for you. We offer laser therapy, PRP injections, balance and postural support, neuropathy, chiropractic manipulation, and much more. We believe it is important for us to offer a wide breadth of options to our patients, so they never have to leave our practice still suffering from their chronic pain. We are here to offer relief and support, so you can enjoy a happier and healthier life.

If you are seeking comprehensive pain management services in the Port Charlotte, FL area, contact RejuvenX to schedule your appointment today. By getting to know our patients as individuals, we can provide the best pain management services available and design a treatment protocol that is customized for your specific needs. We are proud to serve our community by offering necessary pain management services that can have a vast and positive impact on the lives of our patients. Don’t spend another day missing out on your favorite activities or struggling to move through your commitments, contact RejuvenX today and take an important step toward reducing your pain and enjoying a happier life.


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